Meet Stacey

Effervescent Stacey Sosa, half of the entrepreneurial husband and wife team responsible for the creation of “Sosa Borella”, now emerges as the solo owner of “Estancia 460”. “Estancia 460” is Sosa Borella’s new moniker, but though the lovely Tribeca eatery’s name has changed, local residents and patrons will recognize many of their favorite items on the menu, with the exciting addition of inspired and tasty new items dreamed up by Stacey and her chef Anna Cox Yongue.

When the New York Times reviewed the original Sosa Borella in 1997, the author recognized the special touch Stacey’s personality lends to the establishment, entitling the review “The I Love Stacey Show”. In her solo venture, Stacey continues to hold court warmly and conversationally at Estancia. Ms. Sosa is a fresh interpretation of restaurateur, a new young downtown “Elaine”, who creates an intimate and unpretentious atmosphere appreciated by her Tribeca neighbors and the Hollywood/media crowd who frequently shoot film, TV and other projects in the area, or own one of Tribeca’s newly minted loft spaces.

The cuisine is Argentine inspired, with Italy and Spain lending additional culinary influences. The menu offers meat and fish dishes grilled to perfection and complimented by the house chimichurri, paella, pastas, regional cheese plates and a selection of appetizers to tease the palate, such as terracotta shrimp and the antipasti salad mixed with figs, prosciutto and Manchego over arugula salad.
Estancia 460 has a select but carefully chosen wine list of Malbec, Priorat, Carmenere,, Albarino and Torrontes, a great mixture of Latin wines. Almost all of these are available by both the bottle and by the glass. Patrons of Estancia should always leave room at the end of their meal for the delicious crepes con dulce de leche, or the chocolate bread pudding, served in a whiskey sauce (topped with dulce de leche, of course!).

The interior of the restaurant suggests an “estancia” (meaning “home” in Argentinian) far removed from the hustle and bustle of New York City. During the day, Estancia 460 serves lunch on charming wooden tables in the sunlight main room. Though no reservations are accepted during the lunch seating, room is available almost always to dine at the bar if there aren’t any tables free. Some people think those are the best seats in the house; especially when you’re sitting next to Ewan McGregor as he satisfies his “grilled calamari salad” fix. At night, the space is transformed by white linen tablecloths and votive candles flickering throughout the dining area, reflected in the striking antique mirror behind the antique marble topped bar; making it the perfect spot for a quiet romantic dinner. Brunch on the weekends is highly children and family friendly, and is also available for baby showers and parties. When the weather gets warmer, Estancia 460 also has outdoor seating, a great place to wind down and sip chilled Proseco and people watch.

Estancia 460 hosts private events, such as wrap parties, weddings, surprise birthdays, art openings and can also be rented for film and television shoots by advance reservation. Stacey Sosa is often in residence at “Estancia” and will be sure to greet you with a warm smile when you visit, making sure you feel at “home” at Estancia.

“You’ll see it when you believe it!” — Wayne Dyer


19 responses to “Meet Stacey

  1. Stacy,
    I am hosting a dinner party for friends in your rest. on the 1oth or 11th and i am looking forward to it.

    i live here in south florida and saw a blurb on the rest. in the new york times.

    good luck!!!!!

  2. Dear Stacy,

    I had my birthday this evening at your place and I wanted to thank you for providing the environment for the perfect evening. Your staff was attentive and gracious and helped make my 30th birthday a perfect and enjoyable evening. For that, I thank you. Keep up the wonderful work.


    Tracy Doyle

  3. hey girl! we met the other day at the other room….that was a fun (and i think fortutious) meeting….i am interested in talking more w you about the possibility of doing an informal trunk show event at your restaurant before i head back overseas…pls get in touch w me and give me a number that i can call you on…peace out—lg

    ps, digging your blog—the range of subjects it covers and its laid back style….and what a great idea to have a bachelor of the month! love it

  4. Hola / Hello,

    Is it possible to get a recipe for : chimichurri ? ?

    I’m from Buenos Aires and its been 20 years since I’ve enjoyed this sauce with my meat.

    My mother-in-law saw a special on Regis & Kelly show with Rick Browne showing off some Argentine recipes.

    This would be wonderful I hope you can share.

    Take Care,

  5. Hi Stacey,
    Thank you for including me in your blog. I tell all my friends about the memorable day I met you and Annabelle! When you return to Tribeca, I’d like to speak with you about being a featured restaurateur in my upcoming documentary.

    Enjoy your next day or so in the Hamptons!

    All the best,

  6. Hi Stacey
    My boyfriend (Wes) and I took an unexpected stroll on the “west side” of Tribeca a few Sundays ago and came across Estancia 460. Having lived in the neighborhood for almost 3 years and never been before – we were positively beaming about the atmosphere, food and drinks – it was like we were in Europe!
    We had an absolutely brilliant time…

    PS: Wes’s pictures from the day can be seen here:

  7. Hey Stacey,

    You are my inspiration in many ways since meeting you in yoga this summer. When are you around next week, want to come in and have a glass of wine with you.


  8. Hi Stacy,
    Nice to see you going strong in a tough economy
    it is so bad here in Boca raton florida…..

    The housewifes are getting 10 malls to the gallon, oy!!!!!!

    hope to see you in Boynton…….

  9. Estancia is everything a Tribeca restaurant should be. Stacey, thank you so much for sharing your wine, your Sunday, and your beautiful family with me. You’ll be seeing a lot more of me. I still owe you guys a tarot reading. BESOS!

  10. Stacey,

    It was great meeting you Tuesday, as N.W Tribeca is new to me I am glad I came across Estancia first thing, a beautiful calming space I look forward to visiting again soon.

  11. Valentines day at Estancia460 was perfect! The food was wonderful, the atmosphere was just as charming as the hostess and waitstaff. I can’t wait to go back!

  12. I went here a few days ago…

    I will there for dinner tonight…

    Can I be bachlor of the month.

    It is my birthday month I just turned 21 on March 4th. I met Cindy for the first time she is really nice!

    Also, my family is going through a nasty 24 month divorce. It is still going on at my home and I feel very at home in your restaurant.

    por favor,


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