No Gossip only admiration on this post

Kristian, my manager, and me sipping wine and admiring

Joaquin Phoenix               Jesse Martin(my all time favorite!)

Ewan McGregor                Meryl Streep

Jean Reno                         Laurie Anderson

Fisher Stevens                  Eric Bogasian

Beastie Boys                     Duncan Sheik

Marissa Tomei                 Molly Shannon

Will Ferrell                        Steve Schirripa

Ed Burns                             Elijah Wood

Christy Turlington           John Malkovich

Griffin Dunne                     Amanda Peet

Veronica Webb               Mary Kate Olson

James Gandolfini           John Stewart


3 responses to “No Gossip only admiration on this post

  1. What I love about this restaurant is how celebrities like those guys mentioned above love to come here, but for all the right reasons — i.e. that there are no photogrpahers, nobody bothers them, and they feel totally at home on the Estancia. I’ve seen others there too — like Mike Myers, Will Ferrell, Al Pacino and De Niro. They go to Estancia because they can be like normal people for once and feel just like the vibe of the restaurant — cool!

  2. There are very few hang-outs in this city where celebs can eat out and not feel like they’re in a fishbowl. I know because I’m one of them. Rupert’s my nom de plume, and Estancia 460 is my all-time favorite eatery! The food is absolutely phenomenal — the wines are great — the staff make you feel extremely comfortable — and the owner, Stacey Sosa, is one of the most attractive and fun people I’ve ever met. For me Estancia 460 is hands down not only the best restauarant in Tribeca — the coolest part of New York City — it’s the only place to be south of Houston on a Friday night.

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