Wine tasting via Lilliput

Lilliput is a small wine distributor of California boutique wines. Their office is in Tribeca. They are very selective about the wines that they take on. For Lilliput enterprises, it is not about the money but sheer love for wine. I have at my restaurant for the first tme California wines because of them. We have a Pinot Noir from Ceja vneyards of Sonoma, California. The winemaker is a Mexican woman who has as much life as her wines I love woman winemakers! The other is a Merlot from Twenty Rows, Napa Valley. It is very full bodied for a Merlot with a nice rounded finish

Estancia 460 invites any lovers of wine to use our space for a wine tasting between 5:30 and 7:30.We only require that you order some delicious appetizers off our menu like the lamb merguez sausage served over polenta with Manchego cheese or the regional Spanish cheese plate. The last wine tasting turned into an entire evening of dining at Estancia460.


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