Girls and clothes

My daughter Anabel is lucky because she has been assigned a team of wardrobe experts. Of course because she is a professional working actress. But this brings to mind my dilemma I have every morning when I stare into my closet and can not for the life of me figure out what to wear. I wish I had someone to dress me each and every morning! Since I run the front of the house at my restaurant Estancia 460,  it is important that I look professional, smart and fashion forward. Since my time is limited to shop around the big apple I have several stores in the hood which I rely upon to dress me, so to speak.

Alternatives at 147 Reade St. 212 566 3335. The owner Stella has exquisite taste and she takes on designers from Portugal, Brazil, Argentina etc.

Mackie at 146 Reade St. 212 226 2268. This is fun clothing at great prices. They carry clothes from Free People, Ella Moss, Acrobat and Paige.

Anbar Shoes at 60 Reade St. 212 227 0253. This is a Tribeca secret. Seedy store front but great deals on trendy shoes. Beats Century 21 anytime


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