Academy Award Nominees

Heidi Ewing and Rachael Grady have recently been nominated for an academy award for their documentary “Jesus Camp”. These girls are superstars for me. They are bright, witty, articulate and light up my restaurant when they come in for lunch. They currently have an office in a building that houses many independent filmmakers such as Greene St. Films and Cactus Three. This building located at 451 and 443 Greenwich has a new owner and is converting it into a residential building. Many of these great up and coming filmmakers are scrambling for new offices in Tribeca. This is an S.O.S. to keep these artists who have been here for years in our beloved Tribeca. Can someone call Mr. DeNiro to help relocate these talented bunch of people. Afterall this is the location for the Tribeca Film Festival, isn’t it?


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