Mad Hot Ballroom at the local school

 P.S. 89 also called the Liberty School located at 201 Warren St. is the school that my son graduated from and my daughter is graduating this year. What a terrific school run by a wonderful woman named Ronnie Najjar. She has been with this school since inception in 1998. She lead us through terrible times in 2001 when the school was closed down for 6 months as a result of the attack on the World Trade Center and has continually supported the arts at this school. This year the 5th graders are blessed with Dancing Classrooms a not for profit project of the American Ballroom Theater. They are taught every week how to Merengue, Swing, Tango, Fox Trot, and Waltz just like in the movie “Mad Hot Ballroom”. They are taught by a charismatic man, Sid Grant ,who also is a downtown resident. The kids call him Mr. Sid. Yesterday I went to P.S.89’s ballroom dance performance by these kids and it was incredible. Both the boys and girls have embraced this art form which taught them grace, confidence and respect for eachother.

Thank you Ronnie for supporting the arts


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