Why yoga?

It first started out as convenience. Shri yoga run by the beautiful Elizabeth Rossa happens to be down the block from my home and 2 blocks from my restaurant. I was exercise free for 6 months burnt out and bored by it all and too exhausted to forge forward while trying to run a restaurant and be a full time mom. Then New Years came and it had been a long time since I made any resolutions. Shri yoga had an open 2 hour class on New year’s day and I thought after a night of drinking malbecs I should start 2007 right! I didn’t at the time own a yoga mat but you can rent one at Shri. A block and a half later I was transformed. I got hooked the minute I walked into this sun drenched loft with tall ceilings, beautiful arch windows and a lovely instuctor named Cari who sings you into bliss as an opener OM! . They teach Anasura yoga which is known for focusing on proper body alignment and physical strength. So be open to grace because every instructor is wonderful and they have classes everyday of the week at all times so you have no excuse not to go.

**side note** My body has transformed in just one month and so has my spirtual potential. See you at Shri!

443 Greenwich St.2nd floor 212 343 9642  www.shriyoganyc.com


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