Biodynamic wine

My manager Kristian is a real health nut. He watches what he eats and is a true believer in ‘what you eat is what you are’. He is now in the process of developing his own skin care line that only uses the best herbs and mixing agents to make it the most natural yet productive skin care treatment. I will talk more on that when he is ready to bottle it. But his passion for all things good brought him to introduce on Estancia 460’s wine list  a Rose which is biodynamic. At first I was skeptical. I always believed that an organic wine doesn’t have the potential to capture the flavor of that grape or have much depth and also I only have a limited selection of Rose’s so why choose this one? The Chateau de Roquefort from Cotes de Provence is a wonderful wine and it is biodynamic. It is dry and bold. Not too sweet. Very elegant. Every Wednesday I look forward to reading the Dining Section of the New York Times especially “The Pour” by Eric Asimov and he just did an article on biodynamic wines becoming a popular choice and explains the process in how it is made


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