What happened to our local waterfront?

In 2005 demolition began on Pier 25. At one time Manhattan Youth/Downtown Day Camp held the lease on this and my children grew up on this site and even learned how to safely ride a bike. They also had a pedestrian path in which they were able to walk along the waterfront safely avoiding bicycle traffic. That has all changed. The pier has been demolished awaiting a face lift and bikers and pedestrians have to share the same pathway. I walk my daughter to school in the morning via the shared pathway and it is a parent’s nightmare. Bikers cycle on it like they are in the ‘Tour de France’. Now it has been revealed that the Hudson River Trust has run out of money and putting everything back in place doesn’t seem likely until fall 2008, if money is available. Why did then the pier and the safe walk way need to be demolished so soon? Now the once kid friendly water front in downtown Tribeca is a construction site. Please voice your opinions and concerns to our local newspapers and politicians. Enough is enough.There is a meeting open to the public to have your voice heard on Wed. May 9th call 212 442-5050 if you wish to attend.

www.downtownexpress.com and to email news@downtownexpress.com


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