Crazy Love Indeed!

“Crazy Love” a documentary film produced and directed by Dan Klores and Fisher Stevens had it’s screening last night in Manhattan.This is Burt and Linda Riss Pugach.Their story spans 5 decades of obsessive love. The film interlaces interviews of their friends, family members and colleagues of the two as well as both their personal sides to the story. Burt was a married successful attorney(ambulance chaser) who fell head over heels with Linda’s beauty, especially her big brown eyes. But Burt would not divorce his wife although he lied many times saying papers have been filed. Linda, being 22, the age where all her friends were getting married, decided to end their relationship and got engaged to a very nice gentleman who she met vacationing in Florida. Burt would not have that, if he couldn’t have her no one else could so sent he a couple of thugs to throw acid on her to disfigure her. Burt gets sent to jail with Linda in his heart always. Will not tell you anymore. This film is a must see. It was nominated at Sundance this year. This real life cast is enthralling to watch. I got to meet Burt at the after party and I asked him what he would like me to quote him on to the younger generation since now I am a blogger. He said the justice system is all messed up and their is so much corruption. What amazed me about this Burt is that he is almost like a little boy as if he does not understand between right and wrong. But what I also did observe was that he really is crazy about his Linda.

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