Tribeca Personalities

Tonight my daughter and I decided to have a girls night out at Estancia 460 in celebration of her first film role starring opposite Frank Langella. More details later.A woman walks into the restaurant with a great lightness about her and takes a look at the menu and decides to stay and have a bite. She takes the seat next to me and Anabel. There was such an openess to her that we started to talk. She told me that she has been living in Tribeca for 25 years and never knew my restaurant existed. She said that she lives on No. Moore but always walks South on Greenwich St. but tonight she ventured out. While she was enjoying my food I was enjoying her company. She is a writer, celebrity photographer, her recent work was photographing the movie “Flannel Pajamas” and a documentary film maker. She is so ‘Tribeca’, a pioneer who moved down here when no one else would dare and lives for her art and integrity. I am looking forward to running into her on the streets of the Tri and be reminded that this neighborhood is because of people like her!


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