P.S. 89’s Graduating Class of 2007

This Friday is a big day for public schools in New York City. The fifth grade class is moving on to middle school. If you are lucky as my kids are to be living in the school  area known as District 2 there are many wonderful public middle school options, if you plan to stay that route. I am a big public school advocate and also living in this city is so expensive that you are lucky to have left over money for private school. With that said many of you next year will be touring these public schools in the fall deciding which is the right fit for your child. Please be honest with yourself and know your child and then the process will be much easier. The application requires you to put down 5 choices in your district in order of preference.Make sure that the top 3 choices are schools that your child meets their requirements ie; ELA/ELS test scores, ability to do on site testing and capable to do well on interviews.Here is a list of some of the schools worth touring:

LAB for Collaborative Studies

Clinton for Writers and Artists


Wagner 167

East Side Middle

Go to www.insideschools.org to get all the ratings and reviews on your districts schools. Also there are other schools outside of your district which you can apply to, Professional Performing Arts( audition), Anderson(math exam) and N.E.S.T.(exam)


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