Neighborhood people

My big brother is in town from L.A. and we decide to leave my kids home with grandma and walk around Tribeca. My brother hasn’t been in town for a year and he really loves downtown. So after a big lunch at Estancia we head down to J&R to buy a digital camera for my daughter’s graduation present. On our way we stop at Devin’s to say hello to the chef and the owner who happen to be drinking Rose. Devin is such a beautiful space and these are the same people who own Dylan.

After our purchase of a Kodak Easy Share, great kid friendly camera for $150 we walked back up to have a drink at Cercle Rouge. A French bistro on West Broadway where many Tribecans unwind after work.  A Scottish bartender made me a Bloomsbury, a drink with gin, grapes and other aromatics and I got to meet some interesting patrons. To my right , Melanie Sylvan, executive producer of a theatre company called Electric Pear. Last 2 nights to see their current production “Baby Face” at Walkerspace 46 Walker street To my left Jezz Harkin who is involved with Tribeca Radio an internet radio show hosting many different programs and news around town based in Tribeca. His particular show is the Brillant!Show a music broadcast

I left after my one refreshing drink with such a feeling of neighborhood and then treated myself for a French manicure at YuYa’s on Beach Street.


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