Oh my God, Kula Yoga

As I write this post my inner and outer thighs are throbbing and my shoulders can’t hold up my arms! July 4th I was stuck in the city all by my lonesome, no kids and no boyfriend. So I decided to be adventurous and shake up my routine. A customer of mine told me about this yoga place on Warren St. that is really good.Her upper body looks incredible so she must know what she is talking about.Well you would think on July 4th that the class would be small but no it was mat to mat yogis who can’t get enough of this stuff.

The atmosphere is intense. I felt like I was in India with thousands of people coming out to see their Swami. But boy did I have a great work out with Alex.I couldn’t wait to go back for another class. This time I went to David’s class and was completely blown away by his strength, flexibility and his looks. This teacher is an adonis. I felt as though Hercules was teaching my class.If you have a good grasp of Anasura yoga principles and have been practicing for at least a year, Kula yoga will really step up your practice!  Kula Yoga28 Warren St.  www.kulayoga.com


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