Domaine Franey all my blog readers know, I am on a journey of expanding my wine knowledge/palette which is for both personal and business.I am almost done with my level 2 intermediate certification and was advised by my teacher to seek out a retailer of wine who I can trust and start a relationship with during this journey.I try to go out to the East-End every weekend when I can and use that time to try wines other than the ones I have at my restaurant specifically French.I was turned onto the wine store Domaine Franey located at 459 Pantigo Rd. in East Hampton.The owner Jacques Franey was there and very hands on. He did not make me feel the least bit nervous that I did not know much about the better producers of a good Burgundy or Bordeaux. Instead he, based on what I said that I was willing to spend, suggested a couple of great wines that would best represent those styles of wine.The next day I went back for some more guidance but Jacques is off on Sundays.However he had a lovely woman in the store that was quite knowledgable and directed me to purchase a Shiraz fom the Barossa Valley and a Pinot from Oregon.

        This is a fine wine store with an owner who really knows his wines and carries a great selection.


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