Mr. Barbecue goes to Regis and Kelly (with my help)

 So Rick Browne sets off last year to South America with Argentina as the main focal point of his journey. He writes another cookbook( due to be out in 2008) and gets invited to be on Regis and Kelly to talk about asados of Argentina, He phones me and says I love your restaurant and it’s food especially your Bife and chimichurri. Can you and your chef accompany me onto Regis and Kelly and be my food stylists?

This Friday the king of barbecue will be doing his schtick and crediting Estancia 460 for the best Argentine place in New York. Tune in at 9am on channel 7.  click on Grill Friday


One response to “Mr. Barbecue goes to Regis and Kelly (with my help)

  1. Hi Stacey,

    Loved working with you on Regis & Kelly, you and Anna made my day, plus some great Argentinian dishes (why don’t you put the grilled veggies on the menu?), and lent me your enthusiasm and support. Wow you are something else!

    Would love a CD with the images you shot of the taping, and I’ll respond with mine.

    Have a great weekend in the Hamptons, love to Anna, and hope you are jammed to the rooftop with customers.



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