First Weekend Back in NYC and where to go or not…

Friday night out with the girls.First stop the Gramercy Park Hotel for drinks. Gorgeous big room however absouletly no vibe and with drinks at $19 a pop. Not worth it. Great waitress though named Maggie!

Stopped by at Casa Mono for possible eats. Too small too noisy!

Next door Pure Food and Wine. Best backyard dining in NYC. Very relaxed dining with food that is vegetarian with Asian and Indian influences. Go there before dining outdoors comes to an end.

Saturday night a full house at Estancia 460 due to Fashion week. Stayed there and helped out.

Sunday morning yoga at Shri with Geoff. Great new addition to the studio.

Dinner ay Babbo Sunday night. Had no reservation. Kind host sat us after 15 minutes. Excellent food, wine and service. Elegant dining in low key atmosphere and Talking Heads soundtrack. Can’t get better than that.

Last stop  Number Nine. Anniversary party of the stores 7th year. Japanese men clothing store, very hip and high end in quality and price.No website, they don’t advertise thats what makes them hip. Who shops there? Green Day and Ewan McGregor. Shop is on Washington St. in Tribeca between Desbrosses and Vestry.Al runs the store.


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