Lola Finally opens in Soho

after 3 years of court proceedings due to a Soho neighbor who had nothing better to do than to harass this lovely husband and wife team. Lola Gayle and her husband Tom Patrick-Odeen couldn’t be a more inspiring couple and restauanteurs. They originally opened Lola’s on 22nd St. in the 90’s to great success blending great food with soulful music. Best known for their Gospel Brunches.When their lease was up and then jacked up they thought Soho would be the perfect place to continue their success with their mixed clientele of sophistication, artistry and regulars.And let me tell you something when you meet Lola, her elegance, beauty and warm smile will make anyone a regular. Please come over to visit them at 15 Watts Street. The menu has spicy Creole calamari, baby back ribs, pecan crusted lamb chops and a very reasonably priced wine list.They are a great asset to the downtown scene!


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