Surprisingly good help in Soho

Dropped my daughter off at NYC Elite for gymnastics in Soho and decided to walk around with of course shopping on my mind. I walked down Broome St. and  into a store that I have never been to called Runway. At first thought, I was thinking horrible tacky name but I went in anyway.The store is two floors and filled with great designer jeans, cashmere sweaters and dresses, the miracle pants(apparently they are the talk of Oprah because they make any woman look PERFECT), leathers and blouses.In fact the store offers so much it can be overwhelming!However the staff at Runway really know what they are doing and can size you up in a minute. I left with a beautiful cashmere sweater dress and big leather belt ready to walk the catwalk!

I will be back after my next paycheck 450 Broome St.

Victoria Secrets on Broadway corner of Prince has the best staff. They know their bras and can read your size just by looking.


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