Lower East Side

Started off at the Landmark Sunshine to see “Into the Wild”.This movie directed by Sean Penn is one of the best films I have seen.When it was over I was flooded and paralyzed  with emotions.Decided I needed to be out and about after seeing this magnificnt film and since I was on the lower east side I thought what a great area to find some fun spots.Went to Paladar because I knew I could get a great mojito. Maurizo was bartending and he happens to be a Tribecan so we hit it off immediately. Paladar is owned by Aaron Sanchez who also owns Centrico in Tribeca and the menu is Pan Latin. I had an appetizer duck taco with foie gras. It was superb.After another mojito decided to venture out and see what the big fuss is over the lower east side.Someone told me to go to Rayuela because it is the ‘new’ place on Allen St.I walked in and walked out. There just was no vibe or should I say charm. So I decide to walk my way back to Paladar(my kind of joint, you feel like you are in another country and there is not an ounce of pretense like Estancia 460)but on the way walked in and out of The Rivington Hotel, Caverna and Schillers.Ultimately I went back to Tribeca to hang at my joint and I was home. Jesse Martin was kicking back having dinner with a beautiful Argentine woman, a large dinner group took up the front and my fellow Tribecans were dining in the back some with their kids and some new faces who fit in pefectly.

Honorable mention www.paladarrestaurant.com


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