My Thanksgiving in L.A.

My brother only had Cabernets in his wine cooler so of course I said we need to go to a wine store and pick up some Zinfandels and Pinots for our turkey dinner. My brother said we can go to Vons or Whole Foods. I said whatever happened to just a good olde wine store? Apparently they are few and far between because supermarkets in L.A sell wine.But then my brother said John and Pete’s on La Cienega.While cruising the isles in John and Petes I could not find a wine that I knew and then I heard a man call out do you have The Prisoner? I jumped and turned to my brother and said oh my God I have been wanting to try this wine since the summer when I read about it in Wine Spectator.The gentleman that asked for it also happens to be a New Yorker and a wine blogger. He said you must buy a couple of bottles it is perfect with a Thanksgiving meal.The Prisoner is a Californian wine from Napa made by Orin Swift. It is a blend of Zinfandel, Cabernet, Syrah, Petite Sirah and Charbono. It retails for around $30 a bottle. This is a fun chewy wine that is smooth and full of lots of flavors. Glad I met Buff Herr at John and Petes and check out his blog at


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