Fedora Restaurant

This place has been around since the 1950’s and so has Fedora who owns this restaurant. She owns the  townhouse it is in and  she is also the cook 6 days a week. They close on Tuesdays. Fedora is 87 years old and prepares dinner everyday. She then returns to her apartment to get some rest and arrives back to her kitchen at 8:30 all made up to greet her customers when the entrees are ready. This restaurant is stuck in time with red walls, an old coin phone on the wall, a bartender who has been there since the 70’s and photos of celebs autographed on the wall like Lauren Bacall and Burt Reynolds.The food is American Chophouse style with Chicken Parmesan and Meatballs added as specials.

This is one of the last New York haunts. A joint in the middle of  the trendy West Village, perfect place for a tryst or to enjoy a cold christmas night.

Fedora Restaurant 239 west 4th st. 212 242 9691


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