Barnes and Noble/Bed,Bath and Beyond

At first I was horrified by the fact that mega stores were coming to Tribeca.I kept saying to myself, well at least I live north from these two stores. So Saturday comes around and my daughter has a get together with a camp friend from New Jersey. What should we do? After dropping off my son at a very cool place to hold a Bar Mitzvah, Brasserie 8 1/2 on 57th st. we decide to head down to our beloved Tribeca. First to the Soda Shop for lunch (Mac n Cheese and milkshakes with a sampling of candycane ice cream) and then to check out our new mega bookstore.

Theses two stores are located in the new apartment building on Warren St. You enter via an escalator with doormen there to greet you,Barnes and Noble to the left and Bed,Bath and Beyond to the right. Both stores are wonderfully laid out with very attentive staff. I felt very comfortable having my 11 year old and her friend roam the bookstore on their own. I ran into many of my Tribeca neighbors there and it was just great! I am glad Tribeca has a new gathering spot.

 Barnes and Noble 97 Warren St. 212 587 5389        

 Brasserie 8 1/2


One response to “Barnes and Noble/Bed,Bath and Beyond

  1. I just wish that Barnes and Nobles didn’t have the 20ft+ signage outside. It makes Greenwich Street look like a mall and changes the character of the neighborhood which is a pity.

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