My Napa Stories

 Thank you Prya, my dear friend and a partner in Liliput Enterprises, for making my Napa experience wonderful!Liliput is a New York based wine distributor of  boutique wineries from the Napa Valley.Some only produce 1200 cases a year.

My first day she hooked us up with Sal Godinez the winemaker of Carneros della Notte. It is called this because they specialize in Pinot Noir and pick their grapes only at night.Sal is from Mexico and came to California when he was very young and started out as a gardner and grape picker. He learned everything on the job and learned what it takes to grow grapes especially the very difficult Pinot Noir. He has only 2 other partners in this business, the money man, the sales guy and himself the wine maker. Sal invited us to the Bouchaine Winery, the oldest and continually operated winery in Carneros, where they share the space to blend and bottle.There I tasted with him straight from the barrels 15 Pinot samplings in which  we would choose 6 for their high end DIII Pinot Noir.After a group decision we made a blend that captured the fruit, the acidity and the aroma worthy of a good Pinot.

We went back to the home of one of the partners, David, where the grapes are grown for their D III Pinot, to drink our blend, and munch on cheese and crackers. Sal Godinez’s story is what Napa is about, the love and understanding of the process of making great classy wines and the patience that it takes to create them.


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