I can so easily move to the Hamptons

On Friday I decided to leave work at 12:30 and drive all by my lonesome to my house in East Hampton.My plan was to head for the 5:30 Vinyasa flow at Mandala Yoga in Amagansett. I get there and the class is full so I was mat to mat with a very handsome fellow yogi. We glanced non- chalantly at each other but it wasn’t until he spotted me for a handstand when the sparks started to fly.After class and a little chit chat I headed over to the Country Deli and picked up a Gorgonzola salad laced with cranberries and walnuts. Yum! Then of course to Domaine Franey where Jacques, the owner also a handsome East Hampton resident told me to go with my instincts and buy this fun California red from Paso Robles. Saturday rolls around and I am chilling and decide to get a pedicure.T Nails opened 5 months ago on that little slither of North Main st. and although bare bones decor great service, they do waxing.Ask for the owner to do your bikini. Very thorough.Next door to them where the barber use to be is now Lucy’s Whey. An artisinal cheese shop for the great united way. Have some Pt. Reyes blue cheese or the Pyramid goat cheese from Oregon! Back at 4:45 to Mandala where I hope my handsome yogi returns and before you know it I am at Almondcello ( the re- vamped Almondito) with Mr. Yogi having a scrumptous dinner and great conversation……



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