Tribeca Cool

Now I completely understand how come people say Tribeca cool or downtown chic. I went shopping with my daughter Anabel on Sunday to complete her outfit for opening night of her movie “The Caller” on April 25th. We started off on the upper west side for shoes. Harry’s on Broadway and 82nd is the perfect place if your kid has a size 4 and under. The help there is superb, especially Neil, but the parents shopping there are high maintenance and therefore the kids.After not being able to find the right shoe since most of the shoes she liked were no longer in stock with her size, we went over to Lester’s on Second Ave. and 80th street.We did find a perfect clothes item to wear with her fabulous dress thanks to Tribeca Girls but I have never seen so many women on a Sunday in high heels and painted faces shopping with their daughters who were dressed like every other girl in that store.

Tribeca on a Sunday is filled with beautiful women, au naturel, and everyone is uniquely attired especially the kids.And most of all they don’t look you up and down.Uptown feels like worlds apart from downtown. I think I will stick with shopping at Tribeca girls, ShoeFly, Bu and Duck and anything downtown for that matter!


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