Magical night

Q and A with the director, Anabel, Elliot Gould and other cast members

It is so hard not to be a doting parent! It is even more difficult to be objective. My daughter’s movie premiered this Friday as part of the Tribeca Film Festival. This was her first movie role and she had the good fortune to work along side Frank Langella, Elliot Gould and Laura Harring.Directed by Richard Lede’s, ‘The Caller’ turned out to be a beautiful film noir style movie packed with subtle sentiment, longing and life affirming themes.I say turned out because when a movie is shot you have no idea the ultimate finished product or really the director’s vision.I was more than pleasantly surprised. Some how it was elegantly weaved together and each actor held his own. And of course my Anabel just blew me away.

Hopefully The Caller will be in theaters soon and you could be the judge in the meantime as long as I am a parent I will keep doting!


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