Taste of Tribeca was

so much fun this year! To be honest my chef and I were not too enthused after doing it for 14 years. However the weather was perfect, the neighbors were out and many new faces.Everyone was happy and festive. We again were next to Walkers. I love that Jerry and his crew they love what they do and their pulled pork sandwich rocks!Capital one bank was one of the sponsors this year and although they are expanding to be the next Citi bank, down in Tribeca they give you the best hands on service. David is the manager of that bank and he is truly a doer!Duane Park Patisserie put me into diabetic shock, with their Molton chocolate cake,Whole Foods handed out kabobs of fruit with coconut shavings, Larry Forgione is opening up Forge at the Dek spot and was trying to compete with my chimichurri, no contest! Max on Duane served their Lasagna and that Romero guy is delicious!

Also a lot of men were wondering why I have not posted anymore Bachelor’s of the Month, yes men, because they wanted me to list them. How cute is that! I really like my job!!


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