Memorial Day Week-End Thoughts

After a few hours on Atlantic Beach and the Beach Hut is not open yet, we decide very excitedly to check out the old SnowFlake now CherryStones Clam and Lobster Shack but only for ice-cream. Sad  to say ony soft ice cream and no cones, So we passed!

Matto became a choice for Saturday evening because there was plenty of room at the bar. Pizza is their best bet for value and taste.

Great Flagels at Goldbergs Bagels on Pantigo Road

Citarellas does offer good skirt steaks and meaty baby back ribs for the barbeque and give the cheese guy a break there, he knows his cheese but only has attitude because everyone is giving it.

East Hampton Point offers Reggae every Sunday evening at 6 and great sunsets.

Best nectarines at Round Swamp Farms and the ladies there are the nicest hardworking woman you will ever meet!



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