Pierre’s in Bridgehampton

If it wasn’t for my friend Kate working the front of the house at Pierre’s on Saturday night and her needing a place to spend the night I most likely would have stayed in the confines of my East Hampton town.But I ventured west to have a drink and a lite bite at Pierre’s and wait at the bar for my friend Kate to finish working. When I arrived it was 9 pm and the place was packed and more diners coming in. I found a spot at the bar and was tended to by a great bartender, Kirk, who was polite and always attentive. Pierre was charming and loving life especially when pretty girls walk in.But he is my kind of restaurant owner who is right there to help out his staff and smile every step of the way. Except when my friend Kate knew many of the customers and was too social for his liking(he likes to be the star of the show). I had a wonderful tuna tartare which came with shoestring potatoes and some greens. It was an appetizer for $18 but it fed like an entree.Pierre’s has a great songlist on the Ipod and the crowd is a combination of well dressed locals and 40 something crowd Manhattanites.I would return even if my friend Kate isn’t working.The atmosphere is light and everyone seems to be there for the right reasons, good conversation, pleasant food and a nice wine list.Oops and but of course, Pierre!



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