Lifeguards no more, it is time again to work and eat in the NYC

Kids are back in school today and I am back at my post at Estancia.Bittersweet, I will miss the beach but I also love my job especially in the fall when New York has such a buzz on.

List of what I like best in the Hamptons:

Hanging and dining at my house with friends

Yoga at Mandala in Amagansett with Erica and Lauren

La Fondita

Clam Bar

West Lake (the locals call the fish place on the marina, West Lake)

The Hideaway, also on West Lake Marina, authentic Mexican food

Drinking Lagunitas beer

Round Swamp Farm

Crazy bartender Joe at Rowdy Hall, love to try to make him smile(impossible)

White’s Pharmacy

Roberta Freymann

Grappa restaurant

American Hotel

Domaine Franey

Goldberg’s Flagels

Late lunch at East Hampton Point

Definitely not Surf Lodge(Ho Hum)


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