Southhampton Publick House

How did I end up here? Okay so this ‘friend’ of mine(the fisherman)really knows about beer. He takes on beer the way a sommelier does wine.At the moment Estancia serves your typical beers that don’t really need an explanation, they sell themselves.But my friend, the fisherman says why don’t you take on a beer list similar to your wines. Interesting, full of depth and flavor and pair these beers with your food?

I said gee what a great concept.So off we go to the Publick House and take on a session or two. By the way a session beer is a term used when the beer is fine to just have solo, no food needed to accompany it.

My session beer was their Altbeir,  German style a cross between an ale and a lager. Liked it a lot.Session two was the Oyster Stout, a medium to full bodied beer with a dry finish.It held my appetite a bit before dinner.The bartenders are great there and they gave me beer tastings of other kinds, Double White, there is a lot of flavor in this yeasty beer and Southhampton IPA which any ‘hop head’ will feel hoppy about!

By November I should have my beer list finished but in the mean time I have  many more future sessions……


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