Maslow 6 wine tasting

Wednesday night Estancia 460 hosted a wine tasting for Maslow 6 a newly formed wine loving organization that has the expertise to create more “vinoliterates’ (my new word)  to their group. Maslow 6 is headed by Kerri Jackson, a Tribeca resident and student at the W.S.E.T. and Mollie Battenhouse, a sommelier and teacher at the W.S.E.T.( where I am also a student). Burgundy wine makers(Chardonnays and Pinots) were the guests/speakers for a group of fabulous New Yorkers all sharing the same things, a love for wine and desire to learn. Estancia proudly paired the food to these 8 wines .

Maslow 6 will be an online retail store for select wines globally as well as the host to many future wine seminars. They are creating a community for wine lovers.


One response to “Maslow 6 wine tasting

  1. Stacey – did you see the photos of this event? They came out great. When are you having the Tilapia special again??????? Josh

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