Closed For Labor Day Weekend

Estancia 460 will be closed this Saturday, Sunday and Monday.We will be back to normal hours on Tuesday September 9th.

Have a great weekend !


One response to “Closed For Labor Day Weekend

  1. A lovely group of friends joined me, August 31st, for a reception to campaign for my run for District Leader, Assembly District 66, Part B. My sister came from Brooklyn, a couple (BFF) came from Alameda, CA, friends from my Tribeca Area as well as the Financial District, and a cousin from Harlem helped make the reception a real party! At the end, 8 of us stayed for dinner and cocktails. I repeated the dish I’d had the day before, for brunch, Ceasar salad with shrimp. The lettuce was crunchy fresh and the shrimp were just the right size, texture and delicious. Stacey, we’ll be back in force! Thank you so much for your hospitality. Your wait staff was the best, cordial and accommodating.


    Noel E. Jefferson
    Candidate For District Leader, A.D. 66, Part B

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