Chanterelle will not Re-Open

After 30 years the  elegant French restaurant, first of its kind in Tribeca, will be ending it’s run.Karen Waltuck was a woman that I always looked up to being a restaurateur myself.She and her husband created an atmosphere of dining that was top notch, Food was impeccable, service was top rate and the room was open, breezy and not stuffy .I remember meeting her for the first time about 12 years ago at Citi Bank which used to be on Hudson across from her restaurant. We were both on line doing our money drops and I turned to her and said that I admired her so much and what she had achieved in the industry . I also told her that I  too am a restaurant owner running the front of the house like she. She said I know who you are. I love your place and you have the best fries ever.

I left the bank with a big smile. Karen you had a 30 year run. I hope I can follow in your foot steps. I am halfway there now!


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