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Article Image© Estancia


Your New Favorite Argentine

New York is famous for an abundance of restaurants featuring cuisines as diverse as the people who populate this fine city. From Korean BBQ pits to Greek tavernas, Mexican taquerias to Chinese dumpling houses, NYC has it all. But few of these will impress your date with both charming atmosphere and a delightful menu quite like Estancia 460.

Located in Tribeca, this intimate Argentine eatery features a delicious mix of small plates, thin crust Italian-influenced pizza biancos and an impressive South American wine list sure to impress even the most discerning oenophile.
While the dishes are all consistently tasty, we recommend sharing the charred strip steak or the perfectly seasoned chimichurri chicken, then tempting your date’s senses with the restaurant’s mouth watering dulce de leche crepes oozing with sweet sauce.

And as a special treat for the holidays, bring all your boys for brunch (groups of 6 or more) between 11am and 4pm for a complimentary pitcher of Estancia’s seasonal Sangria.

Much like the swarthy men of Buenos Aires, Estancia 460 will never fail to impress, and we think, will keep you coming back for more!


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