Dogs eventually grow up!

This is my nephew Jonathan from California. He already has two dogs but in this picture he was at a pet store and was entertaining a third. Fine if you live in a house with a backyard! This is my dog Pampa. She started out as cute as that puppy but now weighs 70lbs. Did I mention we live in an apartment in New York City? Now I admit that I am a sucker for every puppy I see but if I had to do this all over again I would say to my kids ” absolutely no dogs”! However my reality is that I have a dog and live in an apartment. So if you New Yorkers absolutely positively must have a dog, Tribeca and Battery Park City are the perfect neighborhoods to live in. The streets are less crowded and wider. Every other household has a dog. There are at least 3 dog parks in which to hang, gossip and meet some interesting people as well as dogs.

Places I recommend for dog services:

 Le Pet Spa for grooming. Bobby, the owner, is a lovely guy, who will always try to squeeze you in. They are now open on Sunday. 300 Rector Pl. 212 786 9070

Dudley’s Paw for all your pets needs. They deliver and the staff is loyal and hardworking. 327 Greenwich St. 212 966 5167

Lee at Camp Bow Wow for when you go on vacation and want your dog running free outside in a safe enviroment 518 821 4400


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